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Roots is redefining real estate investing with a never before seen resident-centric model. We’re totally reshaping the tenant-landlord relationship by offering residents the chance to not just rent but partner in the property they live in. This is not rent-to-own; this is the first ever own-while-you-rent program! Our innovative “Live In It Like You Own It®” program is about more than just providing a place to live; it’s about fostering a sense of community and financial empowerment. By intertwining investment opportunities and resident engagement we have proven that this model truly does do good by the residents, and performs quite well for our Investors. Roots is committed to making a positive impact and helping millions of people build wealth through real estate. We believe that a win-win ecosystem is the only type worth building!

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We fundamentally believe that everyone should have an opportunity to build wealth. This belief is what guides our mission of giving everyone the opportunity to build wealth and secure their financial future through investment in real estate.

In pursuit of our mission we will help 1 Million people grow wealth by breaking down the barriers to real estate investment for the masses, and making real estate as easy to invest in as the stock market.

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At Roots, we seek employees who are as innovative and passionate as we are about redefining real estate investing. We’re a team of entrepreneurs who are dedicated to giving back to the community, and we’re driven by our mission to make real estate investment accessible to everyone. We look for team members who are motivated by the opportunity to help millions build wealth and secure their financial futures. If you share our beliefs, join us and be part of a team that is making a positive impact and transforming lives through innovative real estate solutions.

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We exemplify honesty, integrity, and transparency in everything we do.



We hold ourselves accountable to fulfilling our commitments because “we said we would.”


Fun and fearless

We are fearless when it comes to challenging each other, the status quo, and “how it’s always been done.”


Student mentality

We are open to new ideas. We love to learn and most importantly share what we learn.


Great stewards

We understand that we are responsible to the people we serve. We deliver UNREASONABLE HOSPITALITY to our Residents and Investors. While we cannot guarantee returns, we can guarantee service.


We are doers who strive to exceed expectations!


Invest with Roots and let's build a better future together