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Own a piece of the real estate portfolio that grows your wealth, while helping the Residents grow theirs.

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Imagine owning real estate where the Residents are your Partners not your tenants.

You invest in the Roots Fund and become an owner of our cash flowing portfolio
Roots buys and manages properties and rents them to amazing Residents.
The Roots’ “Live In It Like You Own It™️” program helps Residents grow wealth as partners and investors in the fund.
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Roots Investment Results

Roots is up 18% over its first 12 months.

How It Works

Roots’ seasoned real estate professionals hand pick single-family properties in up and coming neighborhoods.

Immediate Cash Flow
Roots only buys fully rented properties that are positive cash flow from day one, removing the upfront vacancy risk.
Roots invests side-by-side with you
Every member of the Roots team is invested in the Roots Real Estate Investment Community.
No maintainence, repair headaches, or costs.
Our Operating Partner covers the maintenance costs as part of our partnership

Residents join the “Live in it Like You Own It™️” Program.

No Late Payments
When Residents are incentivized to pay rent on time, every time, it improves cash flow and returns on everyones investment.
Quarterly Walk-Through Video
Residents submit a video that gives us the opportunity to lay eyes on the asset on a regular basis, so that small issues don't become bigger problems down the road.
Financial Incentives through rebates
Rental rebates give residents incentive to take better care of ROOT'S properties.

The portfolio grows in value, with lower turn-over, high-valued properties.

Cleaner, better cared for properties
Happier residents, happier investors
Win-Win economics
Expanding Market

Starting in Atlanta. Expanding across the South East


Target Markets across the US

Roots is expanding quickly to bring our investors more properties and locations.


Investors and Residents are saying

We've gotten outstanding returns during a down market with Roots and we believe real estate investment in the Atlanta market where we live will be a solid long term investment as well. It's a rare opportunity to invest for both excellent returns and significant social impact in our community"
-The Ewings Investing Members
"The Roots Investment was an easy decision for us. Having an opportunity to earn excellent return is always important. When doing so has a definitive, positive impact on people who aren't typically given an opportunity to advance economically we feel like our investment is making a difference"
-Ashton and Colin (Investing Since 2021)

Anyone and Everyone Can Invest with Roots.

Top Questions
How long am I committed to the investment?
Although we recommend holding your investment for at least a year. We do understand that things happen and offer liquidity each quarter. Please refer to our offering circular for full details.
How is the cost of each unit determined?
At the end of each quarter the fund evaluates its current Net Asset Value (NAV). This calculation is simple. We take the market value of all of the properties plus all accounts receivable and all cash on hand. We then subtract any debts and liabilities. After this calculation is made take the total NAV and divide it by the amount of outstanding units to get the unit price for the next quarter.
How do the quarterly distributions work?
Investors have the option to reinvest or cash out their distributions at the end of each quarter.
Do I have the option to make a recurring investment each month?
Yes, the Roots platform gives you the flexibility to set automatic recurring investments each month.

Invest in People through Properties™️.

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