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The real estate portfolio that creates wealth for you and its Residents.

Commercially motivated, Community inspired™️
Invest With Roots
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The Mission

"We understand the impact owning and investing in real estate can make on a persons life and we believe everyone should have that opportunity"

- Daniel Dorfman, Co-Founder
The Situation

Building wealth through real estate is increasingly out of reach for most people.

Skyrocketing home prices and rents
Rising interest rates and inflation
Limited savings
The Roots Model

A win-win ecosystem that creates Partners and Investors, not tenants

You invest in the Roots Fund and build wealth
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Investing Members
Roots buys and manages properties and rents them to amazing Residents.
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The Roots’ “Live In It Like You Own It™️” program helps Residents grow wealth as partners and investors in the fund.
Resident Members
Your Opportunity

Instantly become an owner of the residential rental portfolio that grows your wealth, while helping Residents grow theirs.

Investors and Residents are saying

“We love Roots because we can own rental properties with all the benefits and none of the hassles"
- The Giardina Family Investing Members
"Roots is the only place I know of where my $400 deposit can turn into $1200 and continue to grow"
- Phillip W. Resident since 2021 Atlanta, Ga
"My husband and I have been saving up to buy our first home but it's been difficult in the current market. Roots gives us a way to own property while we save
-Maggie & Carlos Investing Members

Invest in People through Properties™️.

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