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Our Story

At Roots, we believe that ANYONE should be able to invest in, and build wealth, through real estate … especially the Residents paying the rent.

Roots creates a unique investing ecosystem where commerce meets community. We see a world where those who have the resources to invest can make excellent returns while creating an opportunity for those who have never had the chance to own real estate to build wealth simply by being a good Resident and partner in the property they rent.

Today American renters barely make enough to survive,  much less save. ROOTS Residents can become owners and partners the day they move in with zero out-of-pocket investment. ROOTS is real-life proof of the concept that commercial endeavors can create positive community impact.

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Meet the Team

Daniel Dorfman
Larry Dorfman
Scott Jacobsen
Maggie Reyes
Partner & Member Experience
Jordan Reeder
Partner & Head of Construction
Mel Myrie
Partner & CFO
Stephen Ewing
Partner & Experience Manager
Greston Gill
Partner & Experience
Jason Maxwell
Partner & Accounting
Sam Peskin
Partner & Head of Product

We aspire to help 1 million people grow wealth over the next 5 years.

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