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The best real estate investing concept

Roots is the single best real estate investment concept I’ve ever seen. Investors, renters, and the city of Atlanta all win big.
Ted Jenkin
National TV Money Expert
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We love the social impact!

When looking to invest in real estate we found Roots. We love that Roots residents build wealth with us.
Cameron Hamilton
Investor and Roots Luminary
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An Easy Decision

Not only is Roots a strong model for generating returns, it creates opportunities for others to build wealth in real estate when they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity.
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Deposits that grow!

Roots is the only place I know of where my $400 deposit can turn into $1200 and continue to grow!
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It's a win-win!

Roots let me enter the real estate investment world without having to take on the headaches of being a landlord. Plus their unique model gives back to the renters.
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Returns in a down market!

We’ve gotten outstanding returns during a down market with Roots. It’s a rare opportunity to invest for both excellent returns and a significant social impact in our community.
The Ewings
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Investing in Roots was an easy decision

Roots is a great opportunity to earn excellent returns while having a definitive, positive impact on people.
Ashton and Colin
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If I can do it then anyone can.

Roots means that my children will have the opportunity to own real estate.
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Investing with a ❤️

Real estate investing that's easy, only $100 to get started and you get amazing returns that help you and the residents who live in the properties.

Roots Explained

Whether you invest $100 or $100,000 every Roots investor is treated the same. And that goes for the residents too. Get started today with only $100 and increase your passive income, save for retirement, and grow your wealth. All while helping the residents grow theirs.


Here is a list of common questions and answers related to Roots

How long am I committed to the investment?

Although we recommend holding your investment for at least a year, we understand that things happen and offer liquidity each quarter. Please refer to our offering circular for full details.

How is the cost of each unit determined?

At the end of each quarter the fund evaluates its current Net Asset Value (NAV). This calculation is simple. We take the market value of all of the properties plus all accounts receivable and all cash on hand. We then subtract any debts and liabilities. After this calculation is made, we take the total NAV and divide it by the amount of outstanding units to get the unit price for the next quarter.

How do the quarterly distributions work?

Investors have the option to reinvest or cash out their distributions at the end of each quarter.

Do I have the option to make a recurring investment each month?

Yes, with the Roots investment platform you will have the option to set investments to recur either monthly or quarterly.

Is Roots a REIT?

Roots is a Reg A+ REIT. With a REIT, you can see returns both through the income generated by the properties you put money into and through the property’s value growing over time. All REITs are required to distribute 90% of its profit to shareholders. Some REITs pay you money regularly like Roots (in the form of dividends) and they allow you to spread your investment across several different properties, which lowers your risk. You can learn all about the world of REITs here >>

What markets are Roots properties in?

Roots is a portfolio of residential rental properties located in the greater Atlanta market. There are many reasons Atlanta is a great market for residential real estate investing, but the top three are: its population growth, its diverse economy, and the role that the film and television industry is having on people and industry moving into the city. You can learn more about the Atlanta real estate market here >>

How would Roots be affected by an economic downturn or commercial crash?

Although we don't have a crystal ball, we have incorporated some unique attributes to the Roots model and strategy that makes the fund extremely defensible in case of a downturn:

  • • Purchase Timing: Buying properties now, with cash, under market rates
  • • Property Type: SFR and small multi family (not commercial), all workforce housing
  • • Location: greater Atlanta market (a top market).
  • • Live In It Like You Own It™: aligns incentives of residents and investors.
  • • Debt ratio: Low leverage

You can read more about this here >>


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