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Criana, a resilient new divorced mother of four, bravely shares her story. Having endured two heart attacks in the past 12 months due to the lingering effects of COVID-19, her immune system is compromised. She is a state employee, and Criana's 16-year-old twin boys are on the verge of graduating high school. Currently, they contribute significantly by working full-time jobs to support their mother with groceries and household bills, a responsibility Criana is grateful for but wishes to alleviate. Winning free rent would not only ease the immediate financial burden but also enable Criana to create a better life for her twin boys. It would allow her to save and prepare for the future, placing her in a more secure position. As she expresses gratitude for the time taken to read her entry, Criana's story reflects a sincere desire for stability and a brighter future for herself and her family.