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Meet Jazmineicon

Jazmine is a first-generation college graduate who moved to Atlanta to fulfill her dreams of becoming a multimedia maven. Taking on a contracted role at Warner Bros Discovery, she faced the challenges of moving to a new city during a pandemic, 500 miles away from her support system, and then suffered a life-threatening brain aneurysm. Thankfully, Jazmine experienced a miraculous physical recovery but found herself grappling with the unexpected financial impact of the medical expenses. In May, she decided to transition from a full-time contracted position at WBD to part-time freelance, all while exploring her creative passion for writing and working in real estate as an apartment locator. Free rent for a year would be an answered prayer, offering her the financial freedom to catch up on medical bills and other debts that were deprioritized. Beyond the financial relief, a year of free rent would provide her with the opportunity to pursue her creative passions of writing a book and re-enter the media field.