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Meet Ryan, a compassionate 29-year-old facing the challenges of supporting her best friend, and roommate, Natalie. In January of this year, Natalie was unexpectedly diagnosed with leukemia. Ryan took on the role of her full-time caregiver from January to September 2023 and throughout this period, spent countless nights in the hospital with Natalie, supporting her through a Bone Marrow transplant in May, and ensuring she received the necessary outpatient care. Although Natalie entered remission in September, they recently received the devastating news that her cancer has relapsed in under a year, and is once again in the hospital, undergoing more chemotherapy. The opportunity for a year of free rent would be a tremendous relief for Ryan, providing the financial freedom to focus on being there for Natalie during this critical time. This support would allow Ryan to fully dedicate herself to caregiving, ensuring that she doesn't miss any significant moments with Natalie.