Q4 2023 Roots Investment Community Update

In 2023, Roots welcomed over 2,900 new investors (up from 100!), raised over $14.5M, and added 58 new properties.

What is Roots?

Roots is the only real estate fund that creates wealth for both its investors and its residents. Here's how it works:

  • You invest in Roots for as little as $100.
  • Residents build wealth by following the Live In It Like You Own It® program.
  • You and the residents build wealth together, as partners.

This partnerships gives you the ability to use your investment to make solid returns and to lift others up.

Who says commerce can't impact community?

Now... Let's dive into q4 results!

Q4 Performance

In Q4 2023, Roots welcomed over 1,000 new investors, raised over $6.4M, and added 18 new properties to the fund.

Roots has a new Net Asset Value of $25,989,911, distributed over $295,532 to investors last quarter, and has a new unit price of $128, up $2 from last quarter.

Roots has appreciated over 16% the last 12 months (Jan 1, 2023 - Jan 1, 2024) and 43.5% since the fund's inception (July 1, 2021 - Jan 1, 2024).

Q4 Property Acquisitions

In Q4 2023, Roots added 18 properties in the greater Atlanta area. These properties are a great investment with a purchase price of $7.303M and a current market value of $8.303M (a solid 12% additional fair market value added in the fund).

These homes are projected to generate an impressive annual rental income of $655K for the Roots Fund.

This brings the Roots property total up to 88, with 163 doors.

Featured Properties




Through the Live In It Like You Own It® program, Roots residents have now saved and invested over $360k. Roots residents can earn quarterly rebates to invest in the fund by taking care of their property, paying rent on time, and being a good neighbor.

By giving the residents ownership in Roots, we align the incentives of investors and residents thereby creating partners, not tenants. This win-win ecosystem is what delivers the best returns for everyone.

Feedback from residents:

FreeRentATL was a smashing success!

In Q4, Roots launched the FreeRentATL campaign. Fueled by the non-profit arm of Roots, the Roots Rental Assistance Fund, FreeRentATL increased awareness about the growing wealth gap in Atlanta and provided free rent to three Atlantans in 2024.

Through this experience we were touched by 3,000+ submissions and after careful and painstaking deliberation, the team arrived at 13 incredible finalist who personify humility, strength, and perseverance.

After counting 10,000+ votes, we are excited to announce the winners in the coming days...and of course this announcement will come with a bit of the patented Roots twist 😉.

Want to join the winner announcement party? You can sign up here.

Roots Time Machine

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Jump into your Roots account and go back in time. Play around with the Roots time machine to see how much your investment could have grown when invested at particular times and amounts.

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