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Nigel has faced the challenges of extensive medical bills resulting from a persistent three-year battle against cancer. In addition to this, he deals with... Read More
Adaria, a disabled veteran living on a fixed income, finds herself with increased responsibilities caring for her three grandsons aged 6, 3, and 1. These young... Read More
Criana, a resilient new divorced mother of four, bravely shares her story. Having endured two heart attacks in the past 12 months due to the lingering effects... Read More
Danyelle, a 23-year-old middle school ELA teacher, shares her story of resilience and determination. Facing homelessness three times, first due to her father's... Read More
Jazmine is a first-generation college graduate who moved to Atlanta to fulfill her dreams of becoming a multimedia maven. Taking on a contracted role at Warner... Read More
A victim of a car accident caused by an elderly driver, La'Taevia not only lost her vehicle but also sustained a serious spinal cord injury that poses the risk... Read More
Robyn, a single mother, has faced life-altering challenges in the past year. In September 2022, she received a stage 2 breast cancer diagnosis, completely... Read More
Meet Ryan, a compassionate 29-year-old facing the challenges of supporting her best friend, and roommate, Natalie. In January of this year, Natalie was... Read More
Sanquain and his significant other, Iesha, embarked on the journey of creating a home for their growing family, including their children Chase and Callie. The... Read More
Stephanie, whose life took a challenging turn in 2020 when her husband became the victim of a serious car accident involving a drunk driver, has faced... Read More
Sydney and Jacquez, a young couple, faced an unexpected and challenging journey when their daughter, born on May 16th, 2023, arrived as a medically complex and... Read More
Taylor found herself displaced after a massive fire at The Reserve at LaVista Walk Apartments on November 10th, 2023. The aftermath of the fire has left Taylor... Read More
Tiffany, a recent Atlanta transplant, shares her story of resilience. Having moved from New Orleans a year ago for work, she faces the aftermath of Hurricane... Read More